Domain purchases, renewals and transfers Price per year, including VAT (20%) GBP9.00
com/net/org GBP12.90


Price per year, including VAT (20%)
100Mb/1Gb GBP12
200Mb/2Gb GBP24
500Mb/5Gb GBP36
1Gb/10Gb GBP48
2Gb/20Gb GBP60
5Gb/50Gb GBP72
Unlimited GBP120

Priced for life - Excluding VAT, the price of your hosting package will never increase.

Wrong price/wrong service - If you find a better deal somewhere else, let us know and we'll try to beat it.

Bespoke Services - If you have specific needs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Methods of payment - To keep costs down, only payments from your internet banking are accepted.

Discounts - If you refer a new customer to Logical Financials you will get a discount on your hosting at subsequent renewals. The discount will be equivalent to one twelfth of the new customers annual charge. The discount will be credited when the new customer pays for, or renews, their hosting. The discount is not redeemable for cash.

Not based in the EU? - All prices include UK VAT. But UK VAT will be deducted where the customer is not based in the EU and : -

- the customer does not receive the service for business purposes, or

- the customer does receive the service for business purposes, but the service is not used and enjoyed within the EU.

This means, for example, that individuals in New Zealand that use this service will not be charged UK VAT nor NZ GST.


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